A morning of total immersion in the kitchens of
Jean-Luc Rabanel's l'Atelier

The concept

A 9 a.m. start with the rest of the kitchen brigade. Briefing and distribution of kitchen
duties. Participation in l'Atelier recipe creations. 12:30pm lunch time at L'Atelier of Jean-Luc Rabanel,
degustation of the completed dishes with wine pairings presented by l'Atelier sommelier.


Lessons : 145 €/person
Lessons + meal : 200 € /person


lessons can be held on any day when l'Atelier is open. By reservation and according to
the Chef's availability.

Inscriptions :

Tèl : 04 90 91 07 69 - - Adresse : 7 Rue des Carmes, 13200 Arles